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Why should you choose APP?

Letting a stranger come into your home and care for your babies can be a daunting challenge. We understand that and want to make every effort to make you feel comfortable with Amber’s Pampered Pets sitters caring for your babies!

First, we do a Meet n Greet prior to service so that you can meet your primary sitter and get acquainted with them. That sitter will take down all the care notes for your home and pets. Your pets will have the opportunity to sniff them out and get acquainted as well. Examples of the questions we ask are: where the litter boxes and cleaning supplies are located, where the food and food dishes are located and amounts to feed, any medical information, house quirks, pet preferences and concerns such as, is your kitty a door darter or does your dog react to other dogs while on leash, and other general care information that will help us provide the best care possible! Love and cuddles are always included!

Second, we help you get set up with our online software system called Time To Pet. This top of the line system allows you to do scheduling, change your schedule, see what visits you have booked, pay your invoice, tip your sitter, and also displays the GPS and time tracking for each visit for further peace of mind. There is a free app or you can also use it on desktop. You will receive updates at each visit along with pictures, either through the TTP app or via text, along with email. If a sitter is late to check in to a visit, TTP notifies admins and we will follow up with that sitter to make sure they have not encountered any issues and are on track to complete the visit.

Third, your sitter keeps in close communication with you during your trip or your daily visits. Updates are included in each visit along with pictures and/or videos. If there are any concerns, your sitter will call you and discuss the issues.

Fourth, we ALWAYS have a backup plan. Should your primary sitter have an emergency or become incapacitated in any way such as sickness or a car accident, you would be notified, and then the backup sitter will access the care notes, retrieve the backup key from our safe, and continue pet care seamlessly. All sitters are covered under our liability insurance, and all are committed APP sitters. I have personally picked out each sitter, have client references for each of them, and trust each of them to care for my own home and babies.

Fifth, we have action plans in place for many kinds of emergencies. For example, broken key, locked out-no problem, we have a professional locksmith on hand.

Sixth, you have an actual person (me, Amber Clay) that started this company from the ground up alllll the way back in 2002 and cares about every aspect of how we operate.  If there is any issue, I want to know, and I guarantee I will remedy it!

Those are some of the reasons I would encourage you to reach out and not only support a local, small, family owned business, but see the benefits that becoming a part of the APP family bring. You will grow to love your sitters like family, they love your babies like their own family, and we develop a bond that lasts a lifetime!


Amber Clay and family

Amber Clay, owner and founder of Amber’s Pampered Pets


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