Question and Answer with Amber’s Pampered Pets

Question and Answer with Amber’s Pampered Pets

While we do have a FAQ page, I wanted to take a moment to address some commonly asked questions here as well!

  • Q: Can you walk my dog every day?
  • A: Absolutely! We offer walks 365 days a year!
  • Q: What is your service area?
  • A: Granger, Indiana. Notre Dame, Indiana. South Bend, Indiana. Mishawaka, Indiana. Some of Niles, Indiana. Some of Osceola, Indiana. 
  • Q: How does pet sitting work?
  • A: We come to your home for visits ranging in length from 20-80 minutes. You get to customize the lengths and times based on the needs of your pets!
  • Q: Can you stay the night with my pets?
  • A: Yes, we LOVE overnight Pawjama Parties! We arrive between 9-10pm, do last potties, cuddle all night, then potty and feed breakfast before departing between 7-8am.
  • Q: Do you work on the holidays?
  • A: Yes, as a pet sitter those are typically our busiest times of year, and we love caring for your babies so that you can travel to be with family! 
  • Q: Do you have extra fees?
  • A: The only extra fees we have are: Sitter Appreciation Holiday fee $7, Mileage fee for certain areas $7, and late payment fee $10.
  • Q: Are your rates per pet? 
  • A: Nope! Our rates are based on time and we have never charged for extra pets!
  • Q: Can you come multiple times a day for my new puppy while I’m at work?
  • A: Yes, in fact we do recommend multiple visits throughout the day for puppies as they learn good potty habits and bladder control. As they grow, they can go longer stretches between visits. 
  • Q: Will you come out every 4th or 5th day for my cat?
  • A: NO. Even the most independent cat needs more interaction, even if it’s just hearing human noises, and needs to be checked on more frequently than that. The most we will stretch it is every other day, though daily visits are greatly preferred! Fluke things can happen with your pet’s health and safety, your home’s operations, and we want to get eyes on everything as much as possible to prevent negative things from happening. 

Do you have other questions you would like to know? Send us an email anytime, and we are always hAPPy to answer your questions!

Amber Clay, owner and founder of Amber’s Pampered Pets





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