We had a successful donation drive thanks to the generosity of our clients! Our next donation drive will be Christmas in July for the next rescue to be selected soon. We know that Christmas time donations are high, but we want to continue to support our local rescues all throughout the year!

Welcome to our 4th annual Pet Donation Drive!! APP is looking to help spread the holiday cheer!  APP sitters will be collecting pet item donations at our pet visits to present to the selected pet rescue this year: Petsconnect

Petsconnect helps countless pets find their forever homes!  They are a huge asset to our community and we are excited to give back!!

The items will be presented on January 14th 2020.

Dog/Puppy Food. Pate style canned and also Dry food.
Cat/Kitten Food Wet and Dry
Kitty Litter
Blankets / Towels (no pillows)
All Medical Supplies
Flea prevention (dog and cat)
Heartgard (dog)
Postage Stamps
White Copy Paper 8 ½  x 11
Plastic Tote Boxes with Lids
Laundry Detergent
Hand Sanitizer
Office Supplies (pens, dry erase markers, paperclips, staples, etc.)
Ice Melt (pet safe)
Paper Towels
New or gently used Leashes & Collars
Gift Cards (office supply, pet, general merchandise stores)
Supplies for Humane Society Vans (oil, windshield washer fluid, etc.)
Small Animal Food, Toys, Bedding, etc (for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.)
Cat Toys
Kong toys for dogs
Garden wagons
Heavy duty black garbage bags
Laundry bleach
Dog shampoo
Dawn Dish Soap

We appreciate your support!

donation drive
dog and cat needs for donation drive

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