How Seniors Can Keep Their Older Dogs in Great Shape

How Seniors Can Keep Their Older Dogs in Great Shape

Little is more endearing than the loving gaze of your dog. After standing by you through thick and thin, you want to ensure your dog’s golden years are the best ever. And what better way to enhance your golden years than to help your companion through his own? Amber’s Pampered Pets invites you to explore tips to help keep your aging pup happy and healthy.


Healthy from the Inside Out


Proper nutrition is important during all stages of life, and senior dogs have particular considerations. As Pet Coach explains, older dogs are often more sedentary than in their younger years, so their diet should be aimed toward reduced calories, but with ample protein, fat, and fiber. It’s generally best to feed your pooch high-quality senior dog food. In fact, many senior dog foods have supplements built in to help older dogs with various issues, such as digestive concerns, joint health, and antioxidants.


Complementary Considerations


Even if your pooch is eating great senior food and your vet is happy with his overall condition, sometimes aging dogs could use a little boost in certain respects. There are several excellent supplements available for dogs, depending on your concerns. For instance, there are digestive aids that help to balance gut health, like probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes. There are a variety of joint supplements if your dog isn’t as spry as he once was. Before adding any new therapies, always talk with your vet.


Keep Him Comfy


As your dog ages, he might have trouble climbing onto the couch, or he may have lost some of his body fat, which makes it hard to ward off a chill. Some older pups even have a hard time bending down to reach their food and water. To ensure your beloved pet remains as comfortable as possible, look for ways to tweak your environment. Perhaps it’s with raised food and water bowls, a heated pet bed, or even pet stairs to make it easy to amble onto the couch. You can also invest in elevated dog beds, which have been shown to provide comfort for dogs that have arthritis or issues with their hips and joints. Just make sure you select one that fits their needs.


Part of staying comfortable also means keeping safety top of mind for both of you to avoid falls or tripping hazards. Keep walkways clear and free of toys, bedding or cords. Choose non-slip rugs, and make sure your pup’s supplies are within easy reach if you have mobility issues.


Get Out and Go


Sometimes, older dogs slow down quite a bit. There are many reasons it can happen. The environment isn’t as stimulating when they don’t see and hear like they used to, sometimes their joints might ache, and sometimes they even get depressed. However, exercise is important for dogs of all ages. It helps ward off chronic health conditions senior dogs sometimes experience, including diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. If you live in a walkable neighborhood, take your dog with you on your next outing to grab a coffee or run errands. Start out with easy activities, and increase his activity levels gradually.


Again, if mobility is an issue, partner with a pet sitting service to ensure your furry friend gets his regular exercise every day. Once you connect with a service like Amber’s Pampered Pets, you can also take advantage of their transport or overnight services to ensure your pup stays cared for if you’re indisposed.


Older dogs are important family members, and little could be more appropriate than honoring them with good health. Make sure to support him if you notice concerns, and help him stay fit. Keeping your beloved companion healthy and happy will not only help him, but it’ll also be good for your own heart.


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