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Hello! Welcome APP friends! This page is for your reference for frequently asked questions about ‘how to’ on TTP, policies and more!


  • For our Monthly Invoiced clients, late fees are now $15 if not paid by the 15th of the month. Another $15 if still not paid by the 30th and services will be suspended until payment is made. Payment is due upon receipt at the end of the month. AUTO pay is available and encouraged if you struggle with remembering to pay your invoice (just send Amber a TTP message or email). If there are Two consecutive months of Late payment, Auto pay will be Required in order to continue service. 
  • Vacation Care clients late fee is $10 every 15 days past due. This allows for the 10 days it takes for a bank payment to reach us via mail.

We offer easy ‘one click’ credit card payment on our system Time To Pet.

I would much rather spend time training new sitters, getting everyone that wants ridiculously awesome pet care scheduled and making sure our systems are streamlined for you rather than chasing down payments for services that have already been provided. It puts a large strain on a small business to have delayed payment, and prompt payment is greatly appreciated!! IF you have an extenuating circumstance and need extra time to pay, I am hAPPy to work with you-I just need communication. 🙂


Less than 24 hours is full charge (exceptions apply like weather and sickness are not charged)

We understand, especially in Covid times, that plans change, and we are hAPPy to be flexible with you!

For Next Day Bookings, we have a short notice fee of $10.

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