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Clarification: this is NOT a 24 hour care service, this is ONLY for house care with NO pets present at the home.

Going on a trip, don't have any pets left at home but still want your home checked on?

Or maybe you had to leave in a hurry for an emergency and didn't have time to stop the mail and paper and have some packages being delivered?

Perhaps a Meal Service box like Hello Fresh is being delivered when you can’t be there and the food needs to be put in the fridge quickly!

Neighbors and friends are great, but what happens when they get busy, or forget, or need to leave for their own affairs?

With all the burglaries lately, adding another theft deterrent is a smart choice. Take the worry out of your trip with Amber's Pampered Pet's house sitting service. Available 365 days a year!

House Sitting Service
  • Bring in the mail/paper
  • Bring in packages
  • Put out and bring in the trash/recycle
  • Rotate lights inside the home and outside
  • Shovel/salt short sidewalks*
  • Water Plants inside/outside
  • Check on appliances like the furnace and water heater
  • Run water in sinks to prevent freezing
  • Keep you updated with package arrivals, suspicious activity, and peace of mind!

Don’t let this happen to you! Book APP today!

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