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3 Top Tips For Dog Owners To Keep Your Home Clean On A Budget

3 Top Tips For Dog Owners To Keep Your Home Clean On A Budget

There are many advantages to having a dog: companionship, comfort, fun, and the unconditional love of your pet to name just a few. However, even the most devoted dog owner will admit that there are also some downsides. Among these, cleanliness and hygiene are probably one of the most frustrating.

How do you keep a house clean when there is a furry friend leaving dander, fur, saliva or worse all over the place? And how do you do it without spending a fortune on expensive cleaning products or a house cleaner? These three tips will help you get there while saving time, money and effort.

Get The Right Vacuum

As a dog owner, you need a vacuum cleaner that is designed to effectively deal with pet hair, as many models will simply leave the fur behind. This is especially true if you have carpet flooring, which tends to trap fur and dander. Water filtration vacuums are ideal cleaning machines for pet owners who might suffer allergies from pet hair and other environmental factors. Most importantly, these models are designed to clean up wet and dry messes from carpets and rugs as well as clean dirt particles from the air.

Make sure you shop around extensively when picking out your vacuum cleaner. Many cost-friendly options are available, and you can often find deals and sales on the higher-end models. The best time of year to buy a new vacuum cleaner is spring as many retailers promote spring cleaning sales, but the November sales are also a good choice.

Reach For The Kitchen Cupboard

Special chemical cleaning products are designed to be safe for your home, but they often come with a significant price markup. Instead of reaching for an expensive bottle of disinfectant or deodorizing spray, try out some DIY cleaning solutions that you can find in your own pantry.

For example, baking soda is an excellent deodorizer and is a great solution for getting rid of dog smells on soft furnishings, upholstery and carpets.

In terms of ongoing maintenance, there are plenty of recipes that will keep your house clean with basic kitchen ingredients. Apartment Therapy has compiled 25 green-cleaning tips here, including special recipes for every room in the house and various home surfaces.

Check Their Health

Dogs have a certain smell to them, and that is perfectly normal. Cleaning the house regularly and a good hygiene routine for the dog is usually enough to keep things under control and not scare your guests away. But what if the stink remains? It is possible that your dog has a health issue making your cleaning job harder. Indeed, health problems can also make a dog drool or shed more than usual, or they could lead to incontinence issues. If you’ve tried everything and something still seems off, then take your pup to the vet.

Vet bills can be expensive, but it is essential to get your dog the care he needs. Cesar’s Way features tips on how to save money on vet bills, including reaching out to pet charities or veterinary colleges.

Keeping your house clean as a dog parent involves some effort, but it is not impossible. The secret is to equip yourself with the best possible tools, but also to understand that these are not necessarily the most expensive or even professional products. By using simple home ingredients for cleaning, shopping savvy for big-ticket items including vacuum cleaners and making sure you are staying on top of your dog’s health and hygiene, you can save money on cleaning while keeping the whole family happy.

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