Meet Heather! Heather is not only friends with a couple of sitters but also the cousin of APP sitter Brodie!  She comes to us with lots of praise about how sweet she is!  We love sweet here at APP!

Heather says:

Hi! I’m Heather!
I am a twin, and just recently turned 27 years old! I’ve always had a huge love of all animals, but dogs and cats especially!

All of my kids have four legs 🙂. I have 3 dogs and 2 tiger cats. (Zelda, Nellie, Lucy, Zeus, & Hoover). When I found APP I knew I had found something I would whole heartedly love! I’m so excited to get to know and love all of the pets I will meet!

I love the positive attitude and know you will too!

Heather provides services for Mishawaka, Osceola, and South Bend. She provides overnights on a limited basis.