Short Visit
Need a quick potty visit?  Or a check in on your kitty to scoop the box, feed, and water?  Our 20 minute visit is perfect for a quick romp around the yard or some kitty cuddle time!
A popular choice, the 40 minute visit is a great balance for a walk, spending extra time with cuddly pets, performing basic care such as feeding, litter scooping, and still plenty of extra time for a walk, or even a feline photo shoot!
60 minutes of fun!  Have a high energy pooch that needs a nice long walk?  Or maybe you are on an extended vacation and want your kitty to have lots of extra love and attention each day!  This visit can include whatever your pooches and kitties desire!
Our longest visit offered, 80 minutes, is often chosen by pet parents that have multiple pups that need to be walked separately. This amount of time allows for them to all stretch their legs on their private walks.  Of course, we can do anything your pet’s heart’s desire during this time!

(Please book in advance to ensure availability)

Overnight Pet Sitting
Is your pet used to having a cuddle buddy at night?  No problem!  We LOVE slumber parties with your furry kids!  We will stay in your home from 9-10pm at night and stay till 7-8am in the morning. Breakfast and morning potty break is included!!

No extra charge for multiple pets.

Pet Sitting by the Hour
This works out well for our out of town guests staying in one of the many pet friendly hotels in the area, or for pet parents that have recently adopted a new furry friend while they are still adjusting to their forever home.  We will come stay with your pet while you have to be away, so don’t worry about that puppy having an accident or getting lonely-we’ve got you covered!

No extra charge for multiple pets.

Niles, Edwardsburg, Osceola, and Elkhart*** only serving certain areas, please email with your address!! 

Currently Not able to accept daily visits or poop scoops to these areas.

There is a $6/visit mileage fee for these service areas.  We know that sometimes there is a fine line between Elkhart/Granger or South Bend/Niles, so please just contact us, and we will check the mileage and let you know!  We try our best to accommodate all those in need of services!  If we are not able to, then we will do our best to direct you to another sitter in your area!

$6 per visit Sitter Appreciation Fee on all Major Holidays 

Additional Meet n Greets without care changes are $10. This is to cover the sitter’s time and gas costs.

APP sitters are experienced with administering medications, insulin injections, asthma treatments, and/or subcutaneous shot/fluids.

Additional Services

Horse and Barn Care

They may not cuddle in your bed, although some of you would probably love it if they could, but we haven’t forgotten about our larger furry friends!  APP sitters have extensive equine experience and are oddly happy to clean stalls! We have experience operating tractors/heavy equipment.  Call for specifics!

$16-$24 depending length of time needed, includes feed/turnout/bring in. Additional $18/30 Minutes and $24/60 Minutes for cleaning stalls.

Poop Scoop Service

Afraid to see what uncovers in the backyard once all the snow has melted?  No problem, APP will come clean it up!!  Offering One time service or reoccurring service!  Read more: Poop Scoop Service

Rates on Poop Scoop page

House Sitting Service

No pets, no problem!  APP can come out and check on your home, rotate lights, water garden/plants, check for packages to be brought in, and send you updates. With the increased problem of burglaries, it never hurts to have an extra eye on things!


Pet-Related Errand Service

Not enough time in the day? No problem, let us check some things off your list! Tell us what you need and we will go get it! Dog food, cat litter, fish food–we will deliver it to you!! $20-$25 location dependent

As a theft deterrent, we make sure that your home still looks ‘lived in’ by:

  • closing curtains and blinds
  • rotating lights
  • bringing in the paper and mail
  • putting out/bringing in the trash/recycle
  • doing general security checks
  • making sure all doors are locked
  • windows shut
  • operate alarm systems
  • check for leaks
  • make sure the furnace is working properly
  • We do not advertise our business on our vehicles so as not to promote the fact that you are gone.