Services & Rates

Services and Rates ~ Happily Serving the Michiana Area!

Amber's Pampered Pets Services and Rates

Amber’s Pampered Pets Services and Rates

We come to YOU!!  Amber’s Pampered Pets offers professional pet sitting in South Bend, Granger, Mishawaka, Notre Dame, and some other areas. Feel free to inquire if you don’t see your area listed, and we will try our best to accommodate or direct you to another pet sitter in your area. We provide dog walking, pet sitting, cat sitting, overnights, horse and barn care, reptile care, and more! We are NOT a boarding facility (new 9/10/2016 Home Style Domer Doggy boarding for Notre Dame Games)!  Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is safe and sound in their own bed, being pampered in the comfort of their own home, because there’s no place like home! Not sure if you are in our service area?  Give us a call, and we will be happy to help!! At APP, we know the VALUE of our services!!  Having that peace of mind is PRICELESS to our clients!

2017 Rates and Services

Services                         Rates

Dog Walking                                         $16/15-20 minutes  $20/40 minutes  $24/60 minutes

In Home Pet Care Visit                       $16/15-20 minutes  $20/40 minutes  $24/60 minutes

Nature Hikes at the Park                     $44/Trip to St Pat’s Park (hour hike + travel time)

Overnight Pawjama Parties              $75 9-10pm cuddled in bed till 7-8am (inc breakfast/potty)

House Sitting (no pets)                       $15/visit

Poop Scoop Service                              Click here to go to Poop Scoop Info page

Pet Related Errand Service                $20-$25 location dependent +cost of Pet Supplies purchased

Assisted Living Facility Pet Care     $16/15-20 minutes  $20/40 minutes  $24/60 minutes

NEW Home Style Domer Doggy Boarding for Notre Dame Game Days 

Full Service Home Care Included with all Services

As a theft deterrent, we make sure that your home still looks ‘lived in’ by opening and closing curtains and blinds, rotating lights, bringing in the paper and mail, putting out/bringing in the trash/recycle, doing general security checks, making sure all doors are locked, windows shut, operate alarm systems, check for leaks and make sure the furnace is working properly. We do not advertise our business on our vehicles so as not to promote the fact that you are gone.

ALL cats and dogs MUST be up to date on their Rabies vaccination prior to service.

Dog Walks/Pet Visits

Short visit (15-20 minutes) ~ $16/visit No extra charge for multiple pets. 

The short visit works well for a brisk walk, a potty break when pet parents have long work days, or for those shy cats who just like to hear us talk softly to them while we take care of the essentials like food, water, and litter.

Medium (40 minutes) ~ $20/visit No extra charge for multiple pets. 

The medium visit is still great for an energy burning walk, a potty break when pet parents have long work days, or for those kitties who just like to interact with us, and also allowing us time to take care of the essentials like food, water, and litter. It’s perfect for those in between length visit times!

Long visit (60 minutes) ~ $24/visit No extra charge for multiple pets. 

This is great for dogs that need to stretch their legs on a longer walk, cats that love to be brushed and cuddled, while still giving us time to clean up that litter area, and multiple pet homes with lots of furbabies to be pampered.


Niles, Edwardsburg, Osceola, and Elkhart*** only serving certain areas, please email with your address!! 

There is a $5/visit mileage fee for these service areas.  We know that sometimes there is a fine line between Elkhart/Granger or South Bend/Niles, so please just contact us, and we will check the mileage and let you know!  We try our best to accommodate all those in need of services!  If we are not able to, then we will do our best to direct you to another sitter in your area!

APP sitters are experienced with administering medications, insulin injections, asthma treatments, and/or subcutaneous shot/fluids.

Overnight Pet Sitting ~ $75/per night  No extra charge for multiple pets. 

Is your pet used to having a cuddle buddy at night?  No problem!  We LOVE slumber parties with your furry kids!  We will stay in your home from 9-10pm at night and stay till 7-8am in the morning. Breakfast and morning potty break is included!!

Pet Sitting by the Hour ~ $24/hour No extra charge for multiple pets. 

This works out well for our out of town guests staying in one of the many pet friendly hotels in the area, or for pet parents that have recently adopted a new furry friend while they are still adjusting to their forever home.  We will come stay with your pet while you have to be away, so don’t worry about that puppy having an accident or getting lonely-we’ve got you covered!   

Transport ~ $20 each way

We will pick up your pet and transport to Doggy Daycare (call us for recommendations) or the vet. $20 flat fee (within our service area) No extra charge for multiple pets.

Limited Availability, call for details.

Horse and Barn Care ~ $16-$24 depending length of time needed, includes  feed/turnout/bring in

Additional $16/30 Minutes for cleaning stalls

They may not cuddle in your bed, although some of you would probably love it if they could, but we haven’t forgotten about our larger furry friends!  APP sitters have extensive equine experience and are oddly happy to clean stalls! We have experience operating tractors/heavy equipment.  Call for specifics!

Poop Scoop Service 

Afraid to see what uncovers in the backyard once all the snow has melted?  No problem, APP will come clean it up!!  Offering One time service or reoccurring service!  Rates listed on the Poop Scoop Page

House Sitting Service ~ $15/visit

No pets, no problem!  APP can come out and check on your home, rotate lights, water garden/plants, check for packages to be brought in, and send you updates. With the increased problem of burglaries, it never hurts to have an extra eye on things!

Doggy Hikes at the Park ~$44 Trip to St Patrick’s Park 

Want your pup to have a special adventure while you are at work?  We will load up Fido and head out to the great outdoors!  Give your pup the excitement of a car ride, all the fun smells at the park, and have a happy, tired pooch when you get home!  

Pet Related Errand Service $20-$25 location dependent 

Not enough time in the day?  No problem, let us check some things off your list!  Tell us what you need and we will go get it!  Dog food, cat litter, fish food–we will deliver it to you!!  Rates TBD