Starting March 2016!  Amber’s Pampered Pets will begin offering a Poop Scoop Service!  Poop-Scooping-for-1-Dog

At APP, we aim to go above and beyond the call of ‘Doody’ for our clients. We offer a Clean Up, once a week service or add on service to scheduled pet visits.  EMAIL US to set up an appointment to get your service scheduled!!  

Why use APP for waste removal?  A few of the reasons:

  • We bring our own equipment and wear specific footwear.
  • Equipment and footwear is sanitized between clients to ensure your pet’s safety. Read about the disinfectant used here.
  • We remove the waste from your property OR double bag and put in your waste bin.
  • You can be certain we will come as scheduled. We won’t get too busy or just forget like the neighbor kid might do.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or we will come scoop again for free.
  • We have been a trusted name in pet care for 14 years, this is a natural extension of our service.
  • We are fully insured.
  • We are professional and don’t mind getting our hands, er, gloves dirty.

You do not have to be home for us to come scoop, but please make sure your gate is open/unlocked for us to enter, or make sure we have a key or garage code on file for you if you prefer for us to enter through the garage. We will go over those details at the initial appointment.


Now, YOU don’t have to scoop–let APP do it for you!!

One Time Cleanup

Required before first service unless you have maintained your yard.

Spring Clean Up: Every 20 minutes / $15.

We are professionals, and we are there to get the job done-and done well.  We would never ‘dilly dally’ to increase payment.  That’s just not our style. 🙂

Scooping for Clients WITHOUT Scheduled Pet Visits

# of Dogs           One Time a Week  

1-2 dogs                    $15

3-4 dogs                   $18

5+ dogs                     $21+

A weekly schedule is required to maintain these rates. Services are offered on weekdays between 8:30am-5pm. If the weather is inclement, ie. pouring rain for the duration of that time frame, we will automatically come the next day and you will be notified. If it is a Friday, we will come on Saturday. 

**Current availability Monday, Wednesday, Fridays (9/18/2016)

Invoicing is done monthly. Payment for One Time Cleanup is due before the next service.

Scooping for Clients WITH Scheduled Pet Visits

# of Dogs –              One Time a Week at the End of Pet visit

1-2 dogs                       $8

3-4 dogs                      $11

5+ dogs                        $14+

A weekly schedule is required to maintain these rates. 

Scoop service done AFTER the potty visit and does NOT take away time from your baby and their cuddle/potty time with the sitter!

Deck Rinse/Scrub 

$10 additional to regular service rates.

Please request ahead of time so we can plan our time accordingly!  Please provide a working hose hooked up to the water source and visible for us!

Apartment Complex Service

Call for a free quote!!


Save yourself from goose poop kisses, let APP do the cleanup!

We will happily scoop all forms of poop like goose poop and wild cat poop as we are going along scooping the dog poop in your yard. We will give our best effort to remove it, however in the event that they had liquid/runs, we cannot guarantee 100% removal.  We are happy to hose that area down if you leave us with easy access to a working hose.


Barn Cleaning!