Meet Rachel!  Or maybe you already know her as it seems so many do!













Rachel has touched the lives of many students here in the school system where she has been a teacher since 1999. I know those students and their families love Rachel as much as we do! ❤

Rachel has also been an active volunteer in the rescue world. Devoting time to caring for the homeless dogs at Pet Refuge been a passion of hers through the years. I love finding people with a mutual passion for rescue! ☺  Her calm demeanor and attention to detail make her a favorite with the felines, too!  (Shhh, don’t tell her own pack of adorable pups!) 😋

Having cared for family and friend’s pets for years, including administering medications, Rachel has been a great fit!

Although during the school year Rachel’s availability with APP is limited to evenings and weekends, we love having such a wonderful person working with us!