betty pet sitter

Welcome Betty Ingole to APP!

Betty brings years of work experience in exotic pet retail, the veterinary field, animal control and shelter work, wildlife rehabilitation, and more. She carries many certifications and a vast amount of animal related training.

Betty has owned or cared for various species from the exotic birds, sugar gliders, prairie dogs, to reptiles from anoles to large snakes and monitors. Hobby farm experience. Aquatics from ponds, freshwater aquariums to saltwater–the list goes on and on!

“I’ve always been drawn back to working with animals in some way. Even the years I spent as a stay at home mom, I was surrounded by a menagerie. I’ve always related to animals and being able to naturally connect.” Betty loves to chat with our clients and brings a great energy to APP!

Betty is also growing her behavioral training company. She provides service for ALL types of pets from birds, to dogs, to skunks! Check out ZenPet Behavioral Services for more info!

betty pet sitter