Introducing Alyssa!  Growing up, her family worked with Wildlife Rehab so she learned to care for raccoons, deer, opossums, and more little critters from a very young age-she has no fear of wildlife and a passion to help whenever she can!

Gaining experience in the veterinary world, Alyssa has worked at Clayview Vet Clinic since 2013. She was the youngest sitter to join APP but has proven herself an extremely hard worker, very responsible and an asset to the APP family!

Two things everyone knows about Alyssa are that she LOVES wintertime and huskies!  She currently has three huskies, a pom mix and a large monitor lizard-so if you need a sitter for your large or scaly baby-Alyssa is your girl! 😃

We are happy to have had her working with APP since July of 2016, and many of you love calling her your sitter!